Partnering with the Dotpic wedding photo editing team allows photography and videography professionals to overcome challenges like these recurring scenarios 

  • Wedding participants have high expectations for quality when viewing wedding photos.
  • Obtaining customized wedding image editing is usually complicated and expensive.
  • Completing wedding photo editing tasks with fast turnarounds can require new employees.
  • Many outsourcing providers use account managers who are not fluent in English.
  • Processing multiple wedding albums can impact the capabilities to finish post-production editing.
  • To meet these challenges, our team of wedding image editing specialists can help you streamline the process by shifting all editing tasks to Dotpic.
Dotpic’s Expert Wedding Photo Editing Services
1.Wedding Photo Retouching

Impart a professional touch to your raw wedding photos with our professional wedding photo retouching service. Our expert image editors can deliver outstanding images within quick turnaround times and at affordable prices.

2.Wedding Photography Post Processing

Post-processing of photos helps to artistically change camera-captured images to make them appear better and give them an air of sophistication. Our team of expert image editors is adept at providing exceptional post-processing services for all your needs.

3.Wedding Photo Enhancement

Our wedding photo enhancement services allow you to artistically and professionally enhance your prized wedding photographs. Dotpic is adept at providing wedding photo airbrushing, raw wedding image conversion, wedding photo restoration, and wedding photo post-processing, as well as numerous other wedding photo enhancement services.

The Dotpic design team provides fast turnarounds, high quality, and cost-effective wedding photo editing services in India for photographers, photo studios, individuals, and videographers. We ensure that wedding album photos meet current standards for online viewing.

Our wedding photo editing services range from background removal, retouching, cropping, airbrushing, and culling for wedding collections to video noise reduction, photo resizing, color adjustments, decluttering, and blemish removal. If drone photography and videography is used to cover wedding events, Dotpic’s experts can remove unwanted sound and objects in drone images and videos.

Note: Send your trial images to our Wedding team and get a free test Wedding retouching service from us.